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Fireplaces and Wood Burning Stoves in Sutton | The Signs You Could Benefit from a Wood Burning Stove


Although gas fireplaces are most popular, wood burning stoves lend a certain appeal that’s hard to beat. Here at Simply Grate Fireplaces, we understand this better than anyone and own a fireplace showroom that assists customers from the Sutton area. Our Gas Safe fireplace installers are trusted by developers and homeowners alike, and always provide their expertise with a positive approach.


Read on to find out why a wood burning stove may be right for your property or call our fireplace showroom on 020 8337 0328 for the advice you need.


You Enjoy a Traditional Style


Even though gas and electric fires offer their own benefits, there’s no denying the rustic appeal of classic wood burning stoves. Be it a cottage, semi-detached home or spacious build in the Sutton area; stoves add a cosy, majestic appearance well-suited to old-world stylings and rustic décor. Visit our fireplace showroom to see some of our stoves first-hand – our team will be thrilled to help you make the right selection.


As fireplace installers with a great reputation, we fit all stoves with the necessary care. If you have any questions, a member of our Gas Safe team will be happy to assist.


You Have the Space Available


Convenience is a big deciding factor when making a purchase, so it makes sense that you need a space in which to store the necessary wood. After all, making bulk orders can save money in the long-run and make it possible to run the stove as often as you like. If space is a major problem or if you would prefer something more contemporary, our fireplace installers can fit a dazzling gas or electric fireplace that maximises space in your Sutton home.


You Are Happy with the Regular Upkeep


Although gas and electric fireplaces demand some level of maintenance, wood burning stoves need a little more attention. You will need your flue regularly inspected and need to remove excess ashes from your stove manually. For many homeowners, including those in the Sutton region, this is just a minor process that gives their property some additional charm.


With a friendly fireplace showroom and a range of fireplaces on display, we perform a comprehensive supply-and-fitting service. We also carry our chimney sweeping, ongoing maintenance and conduct any fireplace repairs you may need.


You Want an Eco-Friendly Option


While previous log burners were poor for the environment, the latest models are more eco-friendly than ever before. Our fireplace installers can advise on the best dry logs to burn to keep your carbon footprint low, and sell DEFRA-approved wood burning stoves so you can relax with a clear conscience.


Are you browsing fireplaces in Sutton or the nearby areas and need professional care? With ample parking and a diverse array of items from the trusted manufacturers, our fireplace showroom provides a range of products and services so you can relax all-year-round for a safe and comfortable home.


For wood burning stoves in the Sutton area or to discuss the gas and electric fireplaces available, call 020 8337 0328 or visit our fireplace showroom today.