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Our Fireplace Shop, based in North Cheam, services the area of Sutton (including SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4, SM5, SM6 and SM7), to offer the following:

  • Wood Stove Installation

  • Multifuel Stove Installation

  • Gas Stove Installation

  • Electric Stove Installation

  • Electric Fireplace Installation

  • Gas Fireplace Installation

  • Fireplace Installation

  • Fireplace Surrounds

  • Stove Servicing

  • Gas Fire Servicing

  • Chimney Sweeps

  • Chimney Repairs

As we are local to the area, we always have engineers available to visit you for fireplace installations and fireplace repairs. Plus, you can visit our showroom  to see what we have to offer in person!


As Sutton is in a Smoke Controlled Area, all Wood and Multifuel Stoves must be DEFRA (Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) approved. If your stove is DEFRA approved, this means that it is exempt from the new 2022 regulations, and you can have one installed in your Sutton property or continue to use it if you already have one. Good news for homeowners in Sutton, as we ONLY deal with manufacturers who make DEFRA approved Wood and Multifuel Stoves, for your peace of mind.


As part of London, Sutton is in a Smoke Controlled Area or Smoke Free Zone under the Clean Air Acts 1956 & 1968. This means that local authorities can control emissions that industrial and domestic premises emit into the air. DEFRA approves fuel, exempt appliances and stoves for use in Smoke Controlled Areas, meaning that you can have a Wood or Multifuel Stove installed and burn wood or smokeless coal.


A DEFRA approved Wood Stove, Multifuel Stove or other appliance is one which has passed certain tests to demonstrate that it only emits a certain amount of smoke at specified temperatures, using statutory instruments. These tests ensure that the Stove or other appliance is safe to use and meets the DEFRA requirements to allow you to burn wood or other authorised fuel without emitting smoke.​


In a DEFRA approved Wood Stove, Multifuel Stove or other appliance, you may burn dry, seasoned wood and smokeless coal. On average, smokeless fuels emit 80% less smoke and 25% less carbon than typical coal, making it much cleaner for the environment and helping to contribute to a better future whilst still keeping you warm!


Wood Stoves, Multifuel Stoves and other appliances must be DEFRA approved in London, including Sutton, Wimbledon, New Malden, Cheam, North Cheam and Kingston-upon-Thames. If you live in Epsom, Esher, Ewell, Tadworth or Walton-on-the-Hill, the DEFRA regulations do not apply and you are free to burn wood even without a DEFRA approved stove. However, we will only recommend DEFRA approved stoves because they are better for you and your family and they are better for the environment. If you want to find out if you like in a Smokeless Area, click here.

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