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Our Fireplace Shop, based in North Cheam, is in close proximity to the area of Kingston-upon-Thames, so we are able to offer the following to homeowners in Kingston and the surrounding areas:

  • Wood Stove Installation

  • Multifuel Stove Installation

  • Gas Stove Installation

  • Electric Stove Installation

  • Electric Fireplace Installation

  • Gas Fireplace Installation

  • Fireplace Installation

  • Fireplace Surrounds

  • Stove Servicing

  • Gas Fire Servicing

  • Chimney Sweeps

  • Chimney Repairs

Only a short drive from our showroom, our engineers are frequently in Kingston-upon-Thames and the surrounding areas to view properties and determine their suitability for a Gas Fire, Electric Fire or Wood or Multifuel Stove, as well as offering chimney sweeps and services, complete fireplace installation and fireplace renovations.


Simply Grate Stoves & Fireplaces work with experienced, specialist Gas Stove and Gas Fireplace installers, accredited by Gas Safe and with over 20 years of experience. All of our Gas Fire or Gas Stove installations are registered with Gas Safe, the governing body for Gas Appliance Installations and our engineers have undertaken rigorous training to ensure that your new Gas Fire or Gas Stove will be installed with care, skill and diligence to all regulations. When you get your Fireplace installed by us, you can be confident that you will get the most out of your new Appliance and that you and your family will be safe.


Gas Fires and Gas Stoves are available with real flame effects and higher efficiency models than were historically available. Technology today has provided customers with a vast range of different Gas Fires, including Wall Inset Gas Fires, Hearth Mounted Gas Fires, Hearth Outset Gas Fires, Traditional Gas Fires in a Cast Iron Insert with Fireplace Surround, Gas Stoves and much more. Additionally, they are now much more efficient than they used to be, with options to suit every need, including Glass Fronted and Open Fronted, Convection and Non-Convection, Balanced Flue and Conventional Flue, Natural Gas and LPG, with many more options available. If you would like a Wood or Multifuel Stove or Electric Fireplace, our experts can recommend highly efficient appliances to suit your every need. Read our guide on the benefits and disadvantages of having a Gas Fire or Gas Stove installed in your home.


  • Convenience - Gas Fireplaces are much more convenient to use than Wood or Multifuel Stoves, or other Solid Fuel Appliances. There is no need to chop or source and stack the logs required for the fire, and there is no need to clean the ashes afterwards. All it takes is the simple flip of a switch on the Gas Fire or Stove or click of a button on a remote control. Some Gas Fire or Gas Stove remote controls come with timer functionality, meaning that you can have your Gas Fire or Gas Stove turn off and on automatically, perfect for heating your home before you arrive or turning it off after you have gone to bed or after you have gone out for the evening - this will keep your home warm but ensure that you are not spending too much on the gas.

  • Low Maintenance - As alluded to above, Gas Fires and Gas Stoves are easier to use than Wood or Multifuel Stoves and other Appliances. This also means that it is easier to maintain as Gas Fires and Stoves require less care, maintenance and cleaning than a Wood or Multifuel Stove or Fire. There is no need to clean the ashes and debris that build up with Wood and Multifuel appliances, you will only need to clean the appliance and the glass once or twice a month.

  • Realistic Flame - Gas Fires and Stoves are much more advanced than they used to be, therefore most manufacturers offer stoves with a realistic flame effect to give you the look and feel of a Wood or Multifuel Stove or Fire without the hassle. Technology today has provided us with the ability to have more natural, yellow flames by mixing gas with air, instead of typical bluish flames that you may see.

  • Versatile - Gas Stoves and Gas Fires come in a wide range to suit every requirement and every style. Whether it be a modern, hole in the wall Fireplace or a Traditional Cast Iron Fireplace, we have something that will look amazing in your Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey or London home. Additionally, we can install virtually anywhere in your home as you don't even need a chimney breast. We can install balanced flue Gas Fires, install a Twin wall system or create a bespoke chimney breast to home your new Gas Fire or Stove.


  • No Wood Aroma - You will not feel the warmth and cosy ambience from a Gas Fire or Gas Stove, as you would a Wood or Multifuel Stove or Fire. You also will not get the pleasant crackling and popping sound of burning wood. It may look real, but there are signs that it is not, so it may be better for you to get a Wood or Multifuel Stove if you want the authentic smell and feel of burning Wood or Coal.

  • Rising Energy Costs - We are all too aware of the rising cost of Gas as we navigate our way through post-Covid times. While it may be easier to use a Gas Fire or Gas Stove, it is certainly not cheaper. With Wood or Multifuel Stoves, you pay for the installation and the cost of wood or coal. With Gas Fires and Gas Stoves, you will be paying a lot more, dependent on how much you use your appliance.

  • Cost of Installation - Gas Stoves cost practically the same as Wood and Multifuel Stoves, if not more, as the cost of the appliance itself is at least 1.5x the price. If you opt for a Wall Inset Gas Fire, the cost will rise significantly. This cost needs to be balanced out with the cost of running the appliance and, as with Wood or Multifuel Stoves, the cost may balance itself out, the cost of Gas does not appear to be lowering any time soon.

  • Maintenance - Like Wood and Multifuel Stoves, Gas Stoves and Gas Fires need to be properly maintained. Gas Safe recommends that you have your chimney swept and Appliance serviced at least once a year, if not twice. The manufacturer of your Appliance will also, more than likely, require this to keep your warranty valid. At Simply Grate Stoves & Fireplaces, we are proud to offer a package Sweep and Stove Service for £150, with discount available to customers whose Gas Fires we installed. What's more, we will remind you within plenty of time that your annual sweep and service are due to save you time and effort.

  • Alterations - If you are interested in a Wall Inset Gas Fire, it may be the case that your chimney breast is not suitable for it. This may require building the chimney breast out to accommodate your new Gas Fire or, in some cases, building a faux chimney breast. This is a significant cost that applies and can put some homeowners off of having the Gas Fire of their dreams. Speak to us at Simply Grate Stoves & Fireplaces to see how we can help save you money on your new Gas Fireplace installation.

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