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Live in Esher? Simply Grate Stoves & Fireplaces can help you choose your new fireplace or repair your old one. See below for what we can do for you:

·        Wood Stove Installation

·        Multifuel Stove Installation

·        Gas Stove Installation

·        Electric Stove Installation

·        Electric Fireplace Installation

·        Gas Fireplace Installation

·        Fireplace Installation

·        Fireplace Surrounds

·        Stove Servicing

·        Gas Fire Servicing

·        Chimney Sweeps

·        Chimney Repairs

Whether you are looking for a new fireplace or to repair your existing one, we are here to help.



Natural Gas Fireplaces rarely pose life-threatening issues when installed by Gas Safe accredited engineers, such as those employed by Simply Grate Stoves & Fireplaces. However, if you smell a rotten egg smell from or around your gas fire, it is very important to immediately leave you home and contact your local utility service as you may have a natural gas leak. Our Gas Safe Engineers can help you with repairing your existing fireplace if you have a gas leak, or replace it in its entirety if it is beyond repair. Our specialists will be able to give you advice on the best way forward to both keep you and your family safe and also to make sure that the remedy is the most cost-effective one possible.


When a new Gas Fireplace is installed, you will be advised to let your new Gas Fire ‘burn off’ for 3-5 hours. Gas Fireplaces, like ovens, are made using paints and oils that need to be baked or cured off – this is what we call ‘burning off’. If you skip this necessary step, you risk the odours that you will endure for the first 3-5 hours potentially lingering for years, ever time you turn your Gas Fire on. To prevent this, we recommend doing the following:

1.    Open all the windows to ensure good ventilation – this an also be aided by ceiling fans.

2.    Turn your Gas Fire on to the highest setting.

3.    Let the Gas Fire ‘burn off’ for 3-5 hours – do not worry if a white smoke or strong odour emits from your Gas Fire, this is normal in the ‘burning off’ period.

4.    Let your Gas Fire completely cool down before using it again.

5.    Enjoy your new Gas Fire!


There may be other reasons why your gas fire smells, for example, if you have placed plants or candles next to your Gas Fire. Such items should be kept at a distance from your Gas Fire as, if they are too close, they can get unusually warm and emit an odour as a result. Furthermore, if any object is too close to your Gas Fire, it poses a fire risk. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidance on how far away you should place items from your Gas Fireplace.
Another example is pet dander or dust. It is therefore important that you routinely get your Gas Fire serviced – we recommend doing this at least once a year. This includes your Gas Fire being cleaned and checked to ensure that it is working to its highest capacity, improving both efficiency and, more importantly, safety. Contact us today to find out more.

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